Solar Fire Version 9: All Modules Training

This is a special "in development" pricing of this course since it is still in process of being created. We have already covered 4 modules in depth and really only touched the tip of the iceberg of what is possible within Solar Fire.

If you want to dive into using and understanding Solar Fire at its deepest levels, then this course is for you. The course is arranged by modules covering the major sub-categories of the options and views within Solar Fire, and within these, each of the videos covers a specific function that you may wish to perform, so that you don't have to watch all of the videos to get started using the software - just search for a keyword and go to the video where that subject is discussed in-depth, get your answer and go back to using the software!

You can also purchase Solar Fire 9 here:

Solar Fire Version 9 Training: All Modules

You may have the option now to purchase the entire series of these training modules, and you will be granted access to these as they are released.

Solar Fire Introduction & Overview

Module 1: Details & Nuances of How to Create, Edit, Save & Open Charts

Module 2: Working with All the Options on the View Chart Page

Module 3: Solar Fire's Many Ways of Working with Aspects

Module 4: Solar Fire's Extensive List of Reports & Tabublations

Module 5 onward : TBD


At this point in time, I anticipate that there could easily be 15-20 modules that go in depth into what Solar Fire can do, potentially more.

(This series is focused on using Western Astrology only, so the Vedic and Chinese components that make up Solar Fire will not be trained on.)

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$97.00 USD