Your Mercury Retrograde Guidebook

Are You Looking for a Better Experience with Mercury Retrograde?


Most people's experience of the Mercury Retrograde is that of glitches in technology, be it computers or transportation or communication. From there, we tend to mostly hear a lot of complaining about the retrograde, a lot of blaming of our struggles on the retrograde. Certainly, there does exist an electromagnetic phenomenon from the Sun's energy that relates to these glitches and life problems that show up, however, that is only a small portion of the whole story.

What if you had a way to sail through the Mercury Retrograde time with grace? What if you could mitigate these common challenges before they hit? What if... there were a way to benefit from the Mercury Retrograde instead?

I have been working with Mercury Retrograde from an unconventional approach (Uranus conjunct my Sun, go figure) for the last couple of years and from that have developed a process that can support us through this in ways you probably haven't imagined.

Within this guidebook that I have put together, you will find support to lead you through the current Mercury Retrograde with ease. You will learn my process for understanding the Mercury Retrograde and how that fits into the entirety of the Mercury Cycle.

The specific dates and degrees of the current retrograde are included so that you can understand the unique energy of this particular retrograde (it definitely differs from other retrogrades you have experienced in the past, despite similarities due to the nature of Mercury Retrograde). You can use this information to pair with your own chart to determine or understand how this retrograde may impact you uniquely.

It is important to recognize that this is not just a book about the Mercury Retrograde, this is more of a Life-Coaching Workbook that is supporting you in taking full advantage of the energies that Mercury Retrograde provides for us. It is a time to shift our attention inward. It is a time for reviewing where we are at in our life and where we are going with it.

Most of the phenomena that people experience and attribute to Mercury Retrograde concern delays, difficulties and challenges in the areas that Mercury rules (communication, details, transportation, information, media, computers, documents, scheduling, completion of tasks and so on). Instead of taking these experiences at face value, or even minimizing them with the common "it's just Mercury Retrograde, it'll pass!" comment, I take an expanded view of the meaning of these challenges and the actions that I subsequently take during this time have propelled my life forward at a very intentional and rapid pace.

In my opinion, the Mercury Retrograde cycle is intended as a means for us to review and look back on what systems we have in place and how things are working in our life, and to make any course corrections necessary for us to feel like we are "on track". Instead of complaining about technology problems or communications glitches, my approach to the retrograde has been to always look to it as a teacher.

Within this workbook, you will be guided through navigating the 2 distinct phases of the Mercury Retrograde and you will also be given an overview of what the meaning of Mercury is when going Direct instead of Retrograde (hint - those are the phases when forward action occur and success can be generated).

This is a guide and a workbook: after providing you with the foundations of understanding what is going on with the Mercury Cycle, I will prompt and guide you with questions and processes and things to ponder or consider, with writing space for you to process how this retrograde is affecting you, what you are learning from it, and how much better your life is going to be as you implement improvements or changes in your life-systems because of your "retrograde experiences". I bring my Life Coaching approach into this workbook, so that it isn't just about the Mercury Retrograde; it's moreso about you and the life you are creating.

I honestly think that you won't see the Mercury Retrograde the same way ever again. Each Mercury Retrograde can become the most empowering part of your year.


Samantha Vilppu


P.S. What you will receive:

  • Detailed Guidebook that introduces you to a new way of working with Mercury Retrograde
  • Joural pages to cover each day of the retrograde as well as instructions for how to use these pages to work with the Mercury Retrograde in this new way
  • The journal pages included are printed on a heavier paper than you may be used to. The reasons for this are multi-faceted (as is everything I do), and these are the same reasons that I am not choosing to have this workbook be a simple downloaded PDF file. I don't want to see you breeze through these prompts. If you are going to take the time out of your life to work through these questions and to change your experience of the Mercury Retrograde, then you deserve to give yourself the opportunity to really enjoy this time and this process. I want to gift you with a new experience of Mercury Retrograde. Writing is quickly becoming a lost art in our current technological age. With this, we are losing out on our ability to learn and make connections at a very deep level. Writing allows us to connect our right brain with our left. This workbook/journal is designed just for that purpose.
  • our Guidebook will be sent via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, which should take 2-4 business days to anywhere within the U.S. Outside of the US times vary.
  • This workbook is dated for this specific retrograde period
  • The workbook itself is Circa bound, and as such, the completed pages from this retrograde may be removed and new journal pages may be reinserted for future retrograde periods. You will keep the educational pages, and replace the journal pages, which will be available as a "refill-pack" of the worksheet pages to cover the dates of that Mercury retrograde period. So, with this, you will be able to reuse the Guidebook again and again if you decide to continue with this evolutionary practice.

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