Chart Analysis Workbook (Lite)

We have received numerous requests for guidance on how to do a chart synthesis.

This guide will walk you through my process of identifying the Life Purpose and Shamanic Potential (TM) of your client. This is the starting point that is necessary before diving into any detailed life questions or predictions.

An essential piece of this process is identifying the ChartKey (TM), the core planetary energy that allows you to understand the rest of the chart more fully and at a deeper level than would otherwise occur in a reading. It is a common misconception for astrologers to assume that the ruler of the Ascendant, which is labeled the Chart Ruler, is the most important planet in the chart, but this is only one of the factors that I consider when identifying this ChartKey, and it often does not end up being the planet that gives me access to understanding the whole chart. There are several processes I go through to evaluate the emphasis of all the planets so that I can identify this core energy. 

This is a "lite" version compared to the very thorough "Detailed Chart Analysis Workbook" and has cheat sheets and forms to fill out that will help you come to your conclusions about a chart you are studying. For most readings, this will be more than sufficient, and is likely much more in depth an understanding than most astrologers gather about a chart when doing their readings. The other version, the Detailed Chart Analysis Workbook is more suited to someone who is studying their own chart over many years, in order to gather new insights and understandings in one organized location. 

I have included the forms for my 13 most used processes for natal chart analysis to help you hone in on the predominant themes and to not get sidetracked by minor themes. 

You can use this as a personal "guide" through a chart reading or you can fill it in and use it as a document that you gift your client with if you so choose.

Note that this is designed for someone already familiar with astrology and past the beginning stages of learning. It contains instructions for each process, but does not teach all of the many nuances about all of the steps. In-depth video instructions as an add-on training to use with this are on my list of courses to create. 

This is a downloadable PDF file. After purchase, you will be given a login where you can go to access the download. 

Chart Analysis Workbook (Lite) PDF

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