Mastering Mars Retrograde

Are You Ready to take Advantage of this 2018 Mars Retrograde? (More Details Coming Soon!) 

Mars is the planet that represents our individual identity as well as our energy and personal passions. The time during the Mars Retrograde (which occurs once every 2+ or so years) is a time to go inward and to make adjustments to the ways that we are showing up in the world so that we can continue to move forward in our life and make ours the life we truly desire to be living. This course will provide you a roadmap for fine-tuning all of these Mars-related areas in your life.

This course will have content in video, audio and PDF worksheet/workbook formats. It will be made available for study at your own pace and you will be sent an update announcement via email when new content is added into the member's area, which should be at least once a week over the duration of the Mars Retrograde period.

Mastering Mars Retrograde

In this course, I will introduce Mars to you in a way you most likely have never experienced. I will then describe to you what is going on during the Mars Retrograde and how you can harness this energy for your benefit and personal growth that will support you moving forward.


$97.00 USD