Solar Fire Version 9 Introduction

In this Introduction module you will:

  • Get an overview of all of the quick-buttons and their functions
  • See into the drop-down menus to see what detailed functions exist within Solar Fire 9
  • Get an idea of just how customizable Solar Fire really is and how you can make it fit your needs exactly
  • See Solar Fire in action for a sample chart analysis
  • Get an idea of what the other modules in this Training Program will include

*Solar Fire Version 9 is available through this website at

Solar Fire Version 9 Training Introduction

Signing up for this will give you FREE access to the first module of the upcoming program in which Samantha will guide you through the use of Solar Fire 9 in detail. This first module is the introduction and overview of Solar Fire's capabilities and will give you a great starting point in order to determine if Solar Fire is the right program for your needs and will give you a bit of an orientation so that you can start to find your way around Solar Fire if you have already purchased it.